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BEST FRIEND - VINYL REPAIR COMPOUNDBEST FRIEND - VINYL REPAIR COMPOUNDBest friend is a vinyl repair compound. Best friend is like peanut butter consistency. Best friend excellent for gap filling and does not sink or lose shape, grains well with no shine. BEST FRIEND IS OUR BEST SELLER!
Book Mobile MadnessBook Mobile MadnessMobile Madness is the complete instructional book on how to repair Leather, Vinyl, Cloth and Plastic and much, much more.
CBC FOR CLONE-ITCBC FOR CLONE-ITCBC is a barrier coat; it is a water base spray that is applied to the grain pad to prevent the grain pad from sticking to the Clone-it spray when making the grain impression. CBC can also be used with other cold repair products; CBC is applied to the grain pad to prevent the repair products from sticking to the grain pad while pressing the grain into the repair.
CLONE ITCLONE ITCLONE IT is easy and a very simple and consistent way of graining the repair. Spray 3 coats of Clone-it over the repair. On the third coat as the emulsion starts to harden, then spray the CBC release agent on the grain pad and press firmly, holding it for about 10 seconds. Then gently lift making sure the emulsion does not stick to the pad. If the emulsion is stringy or looking like pizza cheese, the simply repress and hold for another 5 seconds or so and gently peal back.
Copy Cat Grain/Texture FabricationCopy Cat Grain/Texture FabricationUse to create a grain. Use along with a grain pad. Aerosol.
CREATE TEXCREATE TEXThis product sprays a heavy texture much like the Sem Tex. It is a one step system for large repair areas where grain is worn off or if you desire a custom effect.
DASH & DOOR PANEL COMPOUND ---D.A.D.DASH & DOOR PANEL COMPOUND ---D.A.D.DASH & DOOR PANEL COMPOUND PRODUCT IS THICK AND STICKY. It is for high stress areas such as door panels and padded dashes. Grains well. Caution. Always use care when using heat of substrates like these.
DASH POWDERDASH POWDERThis product is white and a light weight power. add CA to cavity, pour and spread dash power over repair. The process is repeated until the repair is level.
DASHAMITE 2 OZDASHAMITE 2 OZDashamite is an epoxy roll that is twisted off and kneaded into a malleable putty. Apply to repair for a strong bond. One excellent feature is the surface can be lightly wetted and flattened to minimize the sanding of feathering.
DASHFILLDASHFILLDashflll is a polyester resin styrene. After the reactor has been added, the product gets hard and is then sanded smooth. Then finish with texture and color. Excellent for shaping and contouring. Primarily used for dash repair.
EMISSARY LEATHER / VINYL REPAIR KIT WITH HEATING UNITEMISSARY LEATHER / VINYL REPAIR KIT WITH HEATING UNITA complete hot and cold vinyl and leather repair kit. 1 oz bottles and a sturdy case makes this a must have when space and efficiency is on the menu. This kit coupled with the heating unit makes it truly a BEST VALUE item.
FAST FIXFAST FIXFASTFIX a epoxy roll that is twisted off and kneaded into a mailable putty. apply to repair for a strong bond. One excellent feature is the surface can be lightly wetTed and flattened to minimize the sanding of feathering. is a epoxy roll that is twisted off and kneaded into a mailable putty. apply to repair for a strong bond.
FINAL WELDFINAL WELDFinal Weld is a heat cured plastisol that bonds well on both vinyl and leather. Final Weld is note worthy for its strength and durability. Its well established history reassures its users with security and confidence in its producing results. Final Weld was clearly #1 until OBD (Original Bulldog) came along.
FLEX GEL CLEAR 1 OZFLEX GEL CLEAR 1 OZCLEAR 1 OZ. Flexible Power Gel is a cyanoacrylate adhesive that has a measure of flexibility. Excellent for sealing leather cuts in skin. Flexible Power gel can be used for vinyl, leather, dash, and door panel repairs.
H.A.P. HEAT ACTIVATED PATCHH.A.P. HEAT ACTIVATED PATCHA mesh that has glue on one side. When you add heat to it, this activates the glue so it can stick to vinyl, cloth or leather. Size 12'X20" Use as an under patch.
LEATHER COMPOUND - ORIGINAL BULLDOGLEATHER COMPOUND - ORIGINAL BULLDOGOriginal Bulldog is a thick, strong and durable low heat cured compound for vinyl repair and leather repair. THIS IS OUR BEST SELLER FOR LEATHER REPAIR COMPOUND. OBD is definitely one of the best vinyl and leather repair compounds on the market.
MESH. ..Ultra MeshMESH. ..Ultra Mesh(go to FREE VIDEO and see it demonstrated)s... Ultra mesh is a very fine fiberglass, that is stiff. Size 12"x25" Use with heat or cold process compound.
PLASTIC MAN - VINYL REPAIR COMPOUNDPLASTIC MAN - VINYL REPAIR COMPOUNDPlastic Man is a VINYL REPAIR COMPOUND heat cured. It is medium viscosity. Plastic Man is used on rigid ABS plastic, not seats. It can be sanded.
Texture Graining Pad #01Texture Graining Pad #01This texture grain is commonly called Warwick....... it's made primarily for Mustangs. Each grain mold should be ordered separately.
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We not only sell the products you see on the website, but we use them out in the field. So, I wanted to tell you about what we have been up to lately. Our latest 'kick' that we are in love with involves our product Leather Bee. Leather Bee isn't exactly NEW but it definitely gets overlooked and doesn't get the credit it deserves. The nature of different repairs may require different techniques and different products. So, like any product - there is no ONE perfect product. But you also don't have to buy them ALL to have a good kit.

How to use Leather Bee:

It works excellent for worn leather or cracks. Take your palette knife and spread smoothly over the area. Apply as many applications as you may need. You can speed up dry time with a hair drier. My other favorite way to use Leather Bee involves doing the initial repair with OBD (like holes in leather) and coming over the finished repair with a coat of Leather Bee. Leather Bee adds to the strength and flexibility, but also adds color to your repair so that you don't have to use as much dye to cover the repair area.

Leather Bee is also your number one choice for repairing Leather Jackets, furniture, and/or any other type of delicate vinyl or leather.

Leather Bee Saves The Day - Furniture Repair

Leather Bee has not only come in handy for the automotive world, but has came to the rescue for furniture repair. This could be a very simple tidbit that could really help give your business a little diversity that you just may need to give you the advantage. For damaged leather or even 'pleather' - products like Leather Bee and Fat Color Cat are your two best sidekicks.

For instance, a furniture store we have started working with calls us to repair the damaged furniture that has come in or has already went out to the customers' homes. This particular company in mind has a 'rent-to-own' type of arrangement with their customers, so often furniture that comes in to the warehouse has been picked up from someones home and the help they have employeed do not care much at all about how they get furniture in and out of the homes/ or the homeowners have narrow doorways and decide to order over-stuffed sofa sectionals. This all leads to those vicious scuffs, grooves, and skids all across the back, bottom, top, and front of the furniture. Normally, walking up on a job like that would makes us think we are going to be there a long time trying to not only fix this, but fix it well. Well, Leather Bee is one of the key ingredients to making this job a lot easier.

Here is what you will need:
Ultra Torch (small mouth attachment)
Grain Pad
Original Bulldog
Leather Bee

Preheat all repair areas with the Ultra Torch and press evenly and firmly with your Grain Pad. This will help level the abrasions and may even nearly eliminate some of the smaller punctures. Next, you can use the OBD to quickly seal and repair the larger damaged areas. Lastly, you come with the Leather Bee in the color of the furniture that you need. (For instance, colors like Black, Red, and Brown Oxide come in handy quite often) Smoothly apply the Leather Bee to the repair areas. Dry with hair drier. Leather Bee is a waterbase product so it will dry darker. Leather Bee works well for smaller repair areas that don't need OBD. After applying the Leather Bee, you may only have to gently mist on some dye for the purpose of toning and overall visual texture.
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