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MOUTH ATOMIZERMOUTH ATOMIZERthis little mouth sprayer is truly amazing if you've never seen it in action. Simple put the long metal stem in your paint/dye arch it to a backwards L take a deep breath and B- L- O- !!!
MOUTH ATOMIZER CLEANERSMOUTH ATOMIZER CLEANERSThese handy little wires with a type of cotton is inserted in to fluid chamber and pushed through. A must to have to keep your wind unobstructed and not having your eyeballs exploded unnecessarily.
PALETTE KNIFE 3" FLEXIBLE OFF SET BLADEPALETTE KNIFE 3" FLEXIBLE OFF SET BLADEThis tool is made of stainless steel 3 1/2 inches long, flexible and ideal for spreading compounds for both hot and cold cures.
VELOUR ATOMIZERVELOUR ATOMIZERA Velour Atomizer is like perfume puffer. It has a squeezable bulb that helps sucks the fibers thru the tubing, giving you a fine spray of fiber over your repair.
VELOUR SHAPER KNIFEVELOUR SHAPER KNIFEthis is a heavy duty instrument that is used to insert under-patch material, create indentations in the cloth repair and excellent in pushing away chard material from a burn hole
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