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Color  Does….Matter

So what am I talking about you ask? Primarily people’s perception of what we do in the field. Many technicians like myself enjoy doing work with no one looking over their shoulders and asking questions. For many of us it’s the same kind of questions and for the most part simply distract us from our job. Sometimes they’ll make sounds of gasp or sounds of disapproval as the repair is coming along. This only intensified the need to give them a reassuring smile or some other kind of platitude that we use to reassure them.

That’s why many of the mobile repair technition refuse to work under such scrutiny. Who can blame them? But of course, I’m different.  My customers are interested in how the repairs hold up and the like. So I have chosen to do much of my work in full view of everybody. I guarantee my repairs for life….or I should say, I use to. Now I guarantee them for as long as they want me too. Why do I do this? Simply speaking….feedback.

Example. I use to use a particular CA (superglue) on leather seat scratches cuts and all. After three months a customer called me back for what they thought was a new repair. After closer examination I could tell that it was the CA. The leather had tiny little breaks like shattered glass or cracked ice on a cold concrete. While the repair was still intact the surface coating was a problem. Our problem was eventually solved with two factors. A flexible Ca and a product we call the Answer. This product is a type of leather sealer that creates a thin film of emulsion skin and hiding the little cracks. This is a product that is frequently used to seal the leather where color coat is worn off.

Most recently, I found something very interesting when I was called to do some leather repairs on the bolster section of a seat at a dealership. This dealership tends to use everybody and not just me.  One of the salesmen who had known me for years called me in to do this job for him. The seat was a typical repair. In times past, I would have used the leather crack filler, gray. But this time I chose to use the Leather Bee. Both products are  leather repair cold compounds that I have had a great deal of success with. I chose the same color for both products and started the repair process. Let me say this…For the areas I used to repair with Leather Bee product I could have easily have used Leather crack filler as well. But then I found out something special about using the colored compounds that I did not expect….. Color did matter.

I could see the flaws easier and touch up was immediate. I didn’t have to color the repair and then go back and touch it up again and re-dye it. But something else happen that I never expected. Something that truly became the catalyst for me to write to you this article. It’s about….Perception… After I had finished the job,  I  chose to spray a little color over the repair for general blending.

From time to time the anxious salesman and customer would be doing his usual spot checks on my work but that day I had been on and off the phone a lot and never gave had a chance to converse with them, so I was never really sure what they were talking about. But I was about to find out  real soon. I picked up my tools and wrote out the bill and went to the office to get a PO. On my way there I walked past the office of the salesman that called me as he was bragging out my job to another salesman. The conversation went like this.

“I’m telling you Bob, You gotta start calling Doc. He knows what he’s doing. “

“My guy knows what he’s doing,” he says in his defense.

“You’re nuts Bob. I’ve seen your guy work. I’m telling you I know how he would have fixed the same job that Doc did. That dark blue seat he would have smeared it up with some gray primer (likely Leather crack filler) on the seat and then would have painted it!”

“Painted it?”

“Doc’ doesn’t do it that way. When he puts on his repair stuff and it makes those cracks disappear!”

Yes friends….color does matter…Truth was, my competitor’s method of repair was the way I would have fixed it in the past. It may have been as good as my repair. But the difference….perception. Where he smeared gray primer over cracks and painted it I repaired it with colored compound and made the cracks disappear. So who was perceived as be better? Nuff said.

        I also was reminded again of the same point.  Once again when I did a furniture store. Because of customers and the closeness of so much of all the plush and elegant furnishings spraying anything would have been difficult.. The color compounds proved not only to be the answer but ultimately proved to be quick, easily and profitable. I spend close to 5 hours and did repairs that ranged from $25 to $35 a piece. When I was done I was almost afraid to give them the bill of $980.00. But I did and I dare say I’ve been back many times doing repairs. And this is the kicker…I only sprayed one area. All the other areas were repaired with Leather Bee. Yes…Color does matter. I know that personally. I love my Colors… …especially the greens.

The New Classic Dye Colors
Classic Dyes---New Auto Interior Leather & Vinyl Dye Colors
Make             Stock#        Color                             Year           Model
Buick:            8063            Fig                                2016          Enclave

Cadillac:        7890            Brownstone                   10-16        SRX, STS
                       M475          Cinnamon                      2017         CT6
                       M476          Tuscan Brown               15-17        Escalade
                       M477          Carbon Plum                 2017          XTS

Chrysler:        7960            Indigo Blue                  16-17         300
                       7976            Linen                            15-17         200, 300
                       7977            Deep Mocha                 16-17         200
                       7978            Ambassador Blue         2016          200, 300
                       7881            Pearl                             12-14         200

Dodge:           7826            Med. Graystone             09-13         Caliber, Durango, Ram
                       7881            Lt. Pearl                         11-16         Challenger, Charger, Dart, Journey
                       8025            Dk. Canyon Brown       13-16          Ram

Ford:               7787            Steel Gray                     10-16          F-series                    
                       7917            Dune                              13-16          Edge, Expedition, Flex, Fusion, Taurus
                       7972            Med. Soft Ceramic        14-17          Expedition, Explorer, Focus, Fusion, Shelby GT
                       7974            Java-Mesa Brown          15-17          Expedition, King Ranch
                       7982            Med. Lt. Camel              16-17          Explorer, F-series
                       7980            Brunello                         15-17          Expedition, F-series
                       7981            Med. Earth Gray            16-17          F-series
                       L8002          Red Line                        2017           Mustang, F-series
                       8046            Terracotta                       15-16          Fusion

GM & GMC:7890             Brownstone                    11-16          Corvette, Cruse, Equinox, Impala, Malibu, Sierra, Terrain
                      7950             Mojave Brown               13-16          Camero, Impala
                      7956             Dune (gray)                    15-17          Suburban, Tahoe, Silverado, Acadia, Canyon, Sierra, Yukon
                      7965             Dk. Ash                          15-17          Suburban, Tahoe, Colorado, Silverado, Acadia, Canyon, Sierra
                      7985             Mink                               2016           Silverado
                      8022             Saddle Up                       15-17          Cruze, Traverse
                      8024             Med. Ash Gray               2017           Malibu, Suburban, Acadia
                      8062             Med. Atmosphere           2017           Cruze
                      8064             Adrenaline Red              14-17          Camero, Corvette
                      8069             Lt. Ash Gray                  2017            Trax, Volt, Acadia Jeep:
                      7826             Med. Graystone             11-13           Grand Cherokee
                      7959             Brown                            14-17           Grand Cherokee
                      7960             Indigo Blue                    14-17           Grand Cherokee
                      7961             New Saddle Tan             14-17          Compass

Lincoln:         7789            Steel Gray                       10-11          MKZ
                      7927             Coffee                             2016           MKX
                      7934             Lt. Dune                         13-17          MKS, MKT, MKZ, Navigator
                      7994            Dk. Java                          2016            MKC
                      7995            Expresso                         16-17           MKS
                      7996            Oasis                               2016            MKC
                      7998            Cashmere                        16-17           MKC
                      8015            White Sand                     14-16           MKC
                      8046            Terracotta                        16-17           Aviator, MKX, MKZ
                      8051            Cappuccino                     16-17           Aviator, MKX, MKZ
                      8053            Jade Gray                        2017             MKZ

Toyota:         7953            Almond                            15-17           Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander
                     8086            Med. Gray                        13-15           Sequoia
                    CL113          Hickory                             16-17          Tacoma
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Selecting the correct size paper filter for water-base dye

Selecting the correct size paper filter for water-base dye. When it comes to straining dyes, paints, stains and varnishes, you need the right strainer size for the job. High-quality polyester screen strainers will help remove a wide variety of impurities so you can focus on the job at hand. Paper mesh strainer filters are perfect for use with paint spray guns. Paper mesh strainers vary from medium, fine to super fine. Medium mesh strainers are suited for water-base dye coatings. 226 micron – 65 mesh size Fine mesh strainers are especially suited for all lacquers and enamels. 190 micron – 78 mesh size Super fine mesh strainers are designed especially for solvent base clear coat or base coat finishes. 125 micron – 120 mesh size Note: Don’t make the mistake using a mesh strainer that is to fine for the product. The viscosity (thickness) of water-base dye color coatings and pigments for leather /vinyl are different than automotive paint. Only use the medium mesh strainers for Classic Dye colors and clears.
Simple Step to dye a seat Sstep 1: Clean-- Use Silicone Wash or Denature Alcohol ( to make sure it clean do the tape test, if tape stick it is clean)

Step 2: Amigo (Color bonder) Wipe on or Spray a coat of Amigo. When it is dry it will feel tacky.

Step 3: Premixed Dye Wipe on or spray on thin coats drying between coats (2 to 3 coats)

Step 4: Shield Up (top protective coat) Wipe on or spray on Shield up

Make sure it is thoroughly dry before sitting on the seat