Leather Repair

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AMIGO LEATHER PRIMERAMIGO LEATHER PRIMERAmigo is Spanish for friend. This Amigo Leather Primer will be YOUR friend when applying dye to high wear leather areas. No kidding! It works so well you may want to take a siesta to celebrate!
BASIC COLORS--Red, orange, metal colors16 Basic colors for Pigment, Premixed Waterbase Dye, Leatherbee, Fat Color Cat, Rainbow Heat Cured Vinyl Compound.
BASIC WATERBASED DYES-COLORSBASIC WATERBASED DYES-COLORS16 Basic colors for Pigment, Premixed Waterbase Dye, Leatherbee, Rainbow Heat Cured Vinyl Compound.
BEST FRIEND - VINYL REPAIR COMPOUNDBEST FRIEND - VINYL REPAIR COMPOUNDBest friend is a vinyl repair compound. Best friend is like peanut butter consistency. Best friend excellent for gap filling and does not sink or lose shape, grains well with no shine. BEST FRIEND IS OUR BEST SELLER!
CLASSIC 2000 clear waterbaseCLASSIC 2000 clear waterbaseA specialty leather clear color coating. This unique crosslinked water based urethane blend offers tough, durable, natural look and feel, flexible coatings for leather and vinyl.
CLONE ITCLONE ITCLONE IT is easy and a very simple and consistent way of graining the repair. Spray 3 coats of Clone-it over the repair. On the third coat as the emulsion starts to harden, then spray the CBC release agent on the grain pad and press firmly, holding it for about 10 seconds. Then gently lift making sure the emulsion does not stick to the pad. If the emulsion is stringy or looking like pizza cheese, the simply repress and hold for another 5 seconds or so and gently peal back.
CREATE TEXCREATE TEXThis product sprays a heavy texture much like the Sem Tex. It is a one step system for large repair areas where grain is worn off or if you desire a custom effect.
DEEP LEATHER FILLDEEP LEATHER FILLDeep Leather Fill is an air-dry product. Deep Leather Fill is creamy, light brown and applies smoothly like spreading butter. Deep Leather Fill is excellent for scratches and small punctures.
DULLING AGENTDULLING AGENTThis is white in nature that gradually reduces the shine in water base coatings. This is an additive that can be put in your waterbase premix or topcoat.
EMISSARY LEATHER / VINYL REPAIR KIT WITH HEATING UNITEMISSARY LEATHER / VINYL REPAIR KIT WITH HEATING UNITA complete hot and cold vinyl and leather repair kit. 1 oz bottles and a sturdy case makes this a must have when space and efficiency is on the menu. This kit coupled with the heating unit makes it truly a BEST VALUE item.
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