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Leather Bee is a cold, colored compound that is number one for its strength and flexiblity for leather. When applied directly to the repaired area the product dries with no gloss. Works especially well on leather furniture; its flexible nature makes it an excellent choice for repairing leather jackets, pants, hats, or purses. Also can be used on rigid hard plastic. Non-sandable.

Clean the leather then apply desired color to damaged area with the palette knife using smooth finishing stroke. Use finger to smooth edges. Since this is a waterbase product, it will dry darker. To speed up curing time use a hair dryer. If graining is preferred, apply grain after second coat press (pat) or gently hold in place while drying with hair dryer. In areas where the surface is sinking (like a wrinkle), another application may be all you need. Still caution should be exercised regarding application.

If needed, areas can be colored with normal water base or solvent color coat.
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