Jullian's Dream Phone
Jullian's Dream Phone

 Chapther 11


April 25, 2011 Jullian’s home: Wednesday 6:21 A.M 

It’s 6.21 A.M. and Jullian has spent the whole night reflecting on the past months of all these events and how this mystery phone has always been to the forefront. He would have to wait till Thursday, to meet with Donavan to see if the picture of the phone was the same one and see if there was any useful information for him regarding this mystery.

But to today he had to go see the Doctor at 2.oo clock this afternoon at the request of his daughter and he was not looking forward to it. He had been awake all night since he had that dream. The dream was over whelming and terrifying. It was still breathing it’s heavy breath on his face and it seemed to cripple him…emotionally.

The dreamthat promised answers and direction. The dream that explained reasons and gave birth to new questions all together. The dream…that scared the life out of him like no others. He thought about what he just said and realized that it was not completely quite true. He had powerful dreams before similar to this one. In fact he had had three.

Dream one.

The first one was a dream 17 years ago about being at his mothers wedding in the past. The dream he told his daughter Melissa twenty four days ago. About meeting his future grand son Phillip Hather. A dream that proved to be only a dream and not some sort of twisted prophecy. 
Reality was that his daughter married a Barry Hill and not a William Kenneth Hather and had fathered a wonderful grandson called Garnet. Jullian always thought that Barry made a wonderful decision to name him Garnet, since Garnet is a color red and it truly fit this little guy with the thick bushy natural red hair. Jullian would think to himself from time to time how strange this was since nobody in his family or the Hills had anybody in the family with red hair. He concluded that all this meant was that this little boy is and will always be special among the two families. Even when other grand children are eventually born to the Sanders and Hills, they would always cherish their Little Red.
Dream two. 
The second dream he had was at his house when he was asked to baby sit Little Red. The dream he had about following Garnet through a huge glass bowl with the events of July11 being all played out for him. How he witness Chase saving Annie and finally disappearing in the drink in an attempt to save his wife Debbie.  Like the first dream, as in the second, I kept encountering people with red hair that seemed to look familiar. It was as if they were following him in these dreams. The long red haired lady whom I mistook as a man, in the first dream as the photographer was the same one that helped him at the end of the second dream. She looked down at me and told me I knew how this was supposed to end. I didn’t know what she was talking about …that was truly eerie.
The last time I was that scared was when I spent a week with my cousins Lance and Cindy at my Uncle Fredrick’s house in the hills in Arkansas. I always though he was some kind of mad scientist working with all kinds of chemicals and machines and things. He was very secretive and never wanted to show anybody his lab. Boy did I find out.
One day Lance and I were messing around outside when he ask me if I wanted to sneak into the lab with him. So he took me in the lab while Uncle Fredrick and my aunt Jan were taking my cousin Cindy to town for buisness. Lance and I squeezed through an opening by the bushes in the back end of the building to get inside the locked building.  Once inside, he showed me all kinds of machines with glowing lights, test tubes in a room that we were never allowed to go into. I couldn’t wait to go inside with him. I remember thinking how it looked like Dr. Frankenstein’s libratory in the horror movies I use to watch as a kid. I almost expected Lon Chaney or Boris Karloff as the monster to come walking out of the room with outstretched arms and growling.
 I’m not sure what happened next, but one of us must have knocked something over or touched something we were not suppose to touch. When all of a sudden, the room started getting gassy and there was this funny kind of explosion.I remember being hit in the head with something from the explosion. Before I did lose consciousness, I saw Lance running away.                          
Dream Three. 
The room was full of thick red and yellow smoke with everything looking very strange. Suddenly, I heard this girl screaming. I turned around and see this gorgeous looking lady with long yellow blonde hair being attacked by these soldiers with red hair.
One of the soldiers is surprised to see me and asked, “Who are you?”
While another come up from his left, takes a double look at me and he tells him to ignore me, they need to get the girl.quick.
The blonde girl cries out to someone, “Don’t be afraid!!! Our hero is here!!! He’s here to save us!!!”
Within seconds, the blonde girl escaped the two big men and doubles back and grabs my arm and proceeds to whisk me away form the scene with her. I didn’t know where we were or where we were going but I knew we were not in the lab anymore. At least I didn’t think so.
The soldiers with red hair faces suddenly changed. They started to get real ugly and looked like Frankenstein monsters.  Before I knew it, we were knocked down by some sort of blast. As I sat up, one of the Frankenstein monster soldiers shot some sort of gun at us. The blonde girl jumped out of the way and the bullet missed her but hit me in the head. I fell to the ground and felt a great numbing sensation in my forehead that seemed to pulse with intensity along with a low pitch hum in my ears. At that point I couldn’t move. I could hear the monsters start yelling at the one who shot me, but I couldn’t totally recall what they were saying. All I could do was lay there, helplessly frozen.
As I laid there, their voices start to dim in volume as they pursued the blonde haired girl. I could now hear all the voices, but something was not right… something was very wrong. As they spoke and screamed at each other, their voices were speeding up and repeating, like a 33 rpm record being played at 45 and 78 speeds getting faster and faster with each passing second. I thought I must be dieing and this is what it’s like after one is shot in the head and paralyzed. All I could do was lie there motionless and cry in my heart. I heard an explosion a distance a way and could hear the sound of one set of steps running back to me. To my surprise, the blonde girl fell on top of me and quickly tried to remove something from my head. She pulled it out a special tool that looked like nothing I had ever seen in my very young life then and even to this day. She pulls out what looks like a squirming large hairy blonde beetle and puts this creature on my face and forehead. I could feel its scratchy little legs prick my skin as it locked it’s teeth and claws on something in my head. She pulls back the bug tool with its head and claws gripping this long red pellet and pulling it out of my forehead. I remember my head bleeding profusely as the blood was like hot water from a tin roof as it dripped down the side of my face.
She smiled as me and told me not to worry for I was the chosen one and one day…I would understand.Without warming, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out what looks like hundreds of flesh colored little beetles, squirming and snapping their mouths like little baby alligators in her hand. These were different from the blonde hairy beetle type bug tool that she used on my head. They had larger heads with very visible twisted teeth. I start to scream in terror…but… nothing came out. I couldn’t move at all! I couldn’t do anything but just lay there…Yet, I could feel everything. I could feel these tiny creatures little legs racing across my face as they all seemed to squirm, push like young baby kittens looking for their mothers biggest tit.  I could feel these angry little creatures begin digging themselves into my forehead, my ears, mouth and nostrils making entry ways into my head as if I was a lifeless cadaver. I started to feel the hot blood pouring quicker down my face as I screamed to myself that they must be eating me alive!!! I tried again to move again… but was still unable.It was as if my body had been severed or detach from my brain leaving completely at the mercy of these hungry disgusting little insects. No wonder I hate bugs so much.               
   Then all of a sudden, the blonde girl jumps to her feet and starts to run away.  All I can see and feel are these little bugs continuing to swarm all over my face. I carefully open my eyes and tighten my mouth closed as the seconds of horror seem to transcend into hours of anguish. All I can do is close my eyes and wait for it to pass, hoping that it end soon. The horror continues as I start getting the chills from those little creatures crawling down my back inside my shirt and into my pants.  For a minute, I thought I heard my cousin Lance return to help me, but it faded quickly.               
    I awoke three days later finding out the lab was burnt to the ground. I never told anybody that dream or experience I had and truley wanted to forget the whole experience.My uncle was furious at us and never allowed myself or my siblings ever come over to their house again in Arkansas. We were never even allowed to see them or my two cousins or communicate with them. All I knew was that they blamed me for the accident and insisted that our family never come around again.  I never saw my cousin Cindy, Lance or Uncle Fredrick again. As I said before, those three dreams were nothing compared to the one he had hours ago, when I fell asleep around 10 or 10:30 P.M. this night. The dream that is driving me crazy and why it’s so important I make this phone call.                                 
                I dreamed I was skydiving out of an airplane and I had a movie camera filming the fall. To my right, I saw a beautiful silhouette of two gorgeous ladies performing what looked like aerial ballerina movements.One lady bent backwards and grabbed the others legs, while she reached up and grabbed hers as they both extended their legs and arm in perfected unison. They made the perfect circle with their body like a big O.  They were so elegant and fluid; it brought tears to my eyes at how artistic they were.
As I glided even closer to them and saw their faces, they seemed to be elated and emotional thrilled with their performance too.
But something changed as I got closer.  I looked closer at them and I saw that I was mistaken. They were not thrilled or elated or even happy at all. What I saw on their faces thrust a steel blade to my heart and plunged its point deep into my heart. What I saw was terror. Not elation or joy, but pure terror.  Absolute, death dealing, mind chilling black terror. My life and breath almost went out from me because I saw that unlike me, they did…not have parachutes. Their lives were slowly coming to an end as they got closer to the earth. How helpless and in abject terror must they be feeling knowing that just in a few short seconds, their bodies will be splattered all over the ground below like a bug  hitting a windshield.  It’s just too much for me to stomach.I could not bring myself to look! All I could do was to glide away from them because they were falling faster than me and I did not want to see these little ladies die before my very eyes. I was ashamed and broken hearted that all I could do was to turn away and close my eyes and start to cry inside.
As they continued the fall to the ground below, I heard the worst sound in my life. A sound I had wished was only in my head… At that very moment…I started to die. To die a death a thousand times would not have been greater and clearly less painful of what I was beginning to feel. Daddy!!! Please save us!!! Daddy Please!!! 
I gasped for breath and forced myself to open my eyes and saw the faces of those little girls...MY God!!! My God!!! O!!!MY!!! GOD!!  It was Melissa and Angel, two of my daughters.
The agony was almost too much to bear as they continued their downward spiral to the merciless rocks below. The spitting wind currents kept striking my face, mocking me cruelly as I kept saying to myself ‘This is a dream! This is a dream! It’s not real… It’s not real… Wake up Jullian! Wake up!’ But when I looked at my girls continuing to fall faster from me, they’re crying screaming voices grew fainted and fainter as they became smaller and smaller.  I can’t save them!  PLEASE GOD…LET THIS BE A DREAM… A VERY, VERY BAD DREAM…
I decided at that point….If this was not a dream that I… would not pull my parachute cord. I decided I could not live the rest of my life with this memory. I could not and would not carry this vision in my head for the rest of my life. It was better to be dead and end it all then carry the tortuous look of terror on their precious innocent faces die before my very eyes as they see the sickening ground draw closer and closer to ultimately end up smashing their little bodies to smithereens. 
As the girls fell faster and faster and grew smaller, a face grew larger around them like a gaseous cloud. The face was the face of a little boy. It was a happy and a beautiful face of Little Red himself. The face’s smile turned very serious and I heard a mans’ voice from this 4 year olds mouth that said, “Be strong!!! Don’t give in to the fear. Don’t give in or all will be lost.”
The face was clearly Garnets but the voice was someone else very familiar with me. Then it dawns on me… Phillip’s voice! Phillip Hather, the person who claimed to be my grandson 17 years ago in the dream. That dream that I had about going back in time and seeing my parents wedding and meeting this mystery man who claimed to be this alleged grandson of mine, Phillip Hather. I immediately took to heart the words and mustered the courage to pull my cord.
Within seconds I could see the parachute open. When I finally landed, I crashed into a stack of round colored air filled plastic balls, the same kind that you find at a children’s playground or at a fast food Toyland restaurant. As I sat there waiting for my heart to stop racing, I felt something move underneath me by my feet. My first thought was that it might be a large snake swarming around like a hungry anaconda looking for its next meal. Before I could examine it any closer, I got spooked by a little red haired boy jumping up and yelling, “Boo!!!”Followed by hysterical laughter and his comical enquire, “Did I scare you?”
It was my four year old little grandson who popped up with all smiles. Little Red was laughing so hard, it was just contagious. I started laughing uncontrolled as well. I’m sure that if any heard me or saw the situation, they would indeed be puzzled and would have quickly concluded that I lost it upstairs. And…I would be the first person to agree with them. My heart still ached and my eyes swelled up from my fears of what happened to my daughters Melissa and Angel. Garnet stopped laughing and said in his own four year old little voice, “Grandpa …don’t be sad…be happy…my friend X-EE said you have to be happy so those bad old Dreamons don’t hurt us.” 
As Garnet starts to laugh uncontrolled again, he says playfully, “That’s why I brought you these happy balls. They make you happy. They make me happy. They will make you happy too, Grandpa. All the colors…but especially the red ones.”
As I looked at this pure joy in miniture human form, his radiant innocence and benevolent demeanor, my attention is drawn away to the sound of a crying little girl. I stood up and walked over to her and quickly turned around to check on Garnet only to see he was playing quite joyfully with his plastic balls. As I continued my trek to the little girl, she had her back toward me.               
But it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter at all. Although I couldn’t see the face, I knew this was my little Nova. She must be about four in this dream and not her regular age of 26.
As she turned around with a red sobbing face, she falls into my arms and says, “Hold me Papa!  Please hold me!” 
As I held her close to my chest to calm her, I gently stroked her hair, because I knew she always liked that. After she settled down, I asked her, “What’s wrong with my little sunshine? Why are you crying?” After a few moments, she pulled her head off my shoulders and looked me in the face. Almost embarrassingly she says, “Look!” As she thrust out her hand and opens her clenched fist, she shows me a single earring. I smiled and said, “Don’t worry sunshine; I’ll get you another pair.”
Nova contented smile slowly turned sad and she started to cry. I ask her, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong my little Sunshine?”
She looked at me with tears in her eyes and says, “Papa?  Don’t you get it? Don’t you understand? What good is one ear ring when you don’t have another to match it?” 
I said to her, “I don’t understand Nova? What are you trying to say?”
After a short burst of suppressed tears, she says sadly, “What good is one sister when you don’t have the other? When you don’t have the best one. When you don’t have…Angel… Papa… I miss my sister… I miss her badly… Bring her back…Bring her back…Please Papa!!!
As she pleaded and crys… it was crushing my heart with an overwhelming sadness and I found myself sufficating. I could not believe what was happening again. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten what had just happened in the sky only moments ago. I drop to my knees to comfort Nova, but she pulls away in disgust wanting nothing to do with me. That was like pouring salt on my open wound. For those couple of seconds, I feel the pangs of despair tear into me like a hungry piranha slashing up an unfortunate animal as it is merciless pulled into the river to be its next meal. I hurt with sadness as my last daughter abandons me and walks away in tears. I… have lost all three of my girls. I… had failed. I had failed her, as I had failed everybody.
I was completely moribund and had nothing else to give.  I suddenly felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw her again, the tall red haired lady that I saw in my past dreams, as a photographer and firefighter and had mistaken her for a man.“Remember? What I said before? Remember what Garnet said? Remember what Philip Hather had to say to you?”
I could only nod because I was still in shock.  I at once heard the sound of pounding. Thump…thump…thumpWhen I turned around, I saw Rodger at a table with all kinds of mechanical devices surrounding him. It looked like a jig saw puzzle of sprockets, washers and the like. He was in panic mode and working very fast as I approached him. I could see his face wet with emotion and stress as he worked feverishly. I had never seen him so emotionally stressed before in my life.
As I looked behind him, all I could see was Chase sitting on the ground gasping for breath. Chase was gasping for air like a fish out of water. A fish that was in pain and was dieing, suffocating out of the water. All the while trying to talk as Chase holds a mechanical tongue and ears in his hand to me. Chase looks up at me in pain and misery and says with his eyes …Please…Help me! Help…me… I can’t speak or hear ... All I can do is seeing…Please save Me.!!! I have nothing left. Please!!!My pain is deepening by the tearful shouts of rage of Rodger yelling NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!  I can do it. (Sob…sob...) I can do It! PLEASE… LET ME DO IT!!!
I feel sudden numbness soar through my body and I start to feel like I am about to pass out. But before I do, I feel two little arms around my legs and a little boy with large freckles look up at me as he smiles Jubilantly and says, “I found you! I found you!”
Little Garnet runs to the little boy holding my leg and says, “Come on X- EE, let’s go and play with the red balls.” 
As they rush off, little Garnet stops and turns around and says to X-EE, with an older mans voice, “Wait here Xavier.”
Garnet turns and runs to me and hands me a red plastic ball and tells me to open it. I open it and there is a photograph of the antique phone with a series of numbers underneath it.              
Garnet says, “My big friend says to memorize that number and call him right away. Call him on the phone. Don’t quit trying! Don’t quit…Or… all will be lost.”
As I looked at that number, I suddenly woke up. I woke up and remembered the number. But to make sure that I didn’t forget, I wrote it down on an old telephone bill.  Since then… I’ve been calling this number all night now and still, no answer. I don’t understand this at all. What should I do? Quit? Maybe accept the fact that I am just being stupid and overly emotional by feeling that this is more than just a dream? Maybe I’ve been calling some empty phone booth in the deserts of New Mexico or some one horse town in Montana? I wish to god I knew.                                
Jullian starts to laugh to himself. The laugh is not of one of humor, but irony. It’s almost 7 o’clock A.M. and Jullian can hear the sounds of a shovel digging and chopping in the ground next store by the old man Roland. A crazy man who’s sanity and goodwill left him when his wife left him years ago. He only hopes he didn’t catch Thibodeaux and is now only covering the evidence.Jullian is extremely exhausted and feels terrible. He decides that since spending the better part of the night trying to make that telephone call, he decides he has only one thing left to do. Jullian reaches for the alarm clock and sets it for 12.00 p.m. and decides to catch a few hours of sleep before he has to go to the doctor at 2.00 P.MWhat a night! Jullian sets the alarm clock and falls asleep in his chair within seconds.



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A father with grown children and a special grandson become a focal point of a deadly enemy that threatens the life and well being of mankind. When all of a sudden an antique phone appears on the scene and allows this family to enter the dream worlds to face the deadly foe. The Loopers, or guest of the dream, face the unimaginable nightmares, fears or joys of the dreamer as they navigate and understand the threat of these Dreamons. The story changes pace when the C.I.A, FBI and others from an unknown source get involved. A New terrorist virus threatens people of unknown proportion that attacks those in their sleep. A complete and unique doomsday device. The dream phone is mankind's only defense to saving the fate of mankind. Only one family's DNA is the only basis for an offensive attack on the virus and to save mankind. The story is set primarily in Milton, Lafayette and New Orleans of Louisiana in the year of 2010. A wonderful host of colorful, distinct characters that will bring the reader not only the suspense and pace of a star wars movie but will also provide humor and heart touching moments of the grandfather, his grown children and others.
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I finished reading your book. I have to say it was an intriguing story, and you have the ability to draw a reader into it. I couldn't wait to find out what was really going on. You also have a great imagination. I loved the artistry of the visual appearance of the book and the font they used. I liked how they made the chapter introductions appear.
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