Jullian's Dream Wars
Jullian's Dream Wars

Chapter 12 

Red Monkeys   

 Jullian smiles back and says, “They are adorable, I have to admit. So why are they here? What do you do with them? Experiment on them?”

“I believe I can answer that,” boast a smiling Dr. Leonard Walker who strides into the room unexpectedly.Lee turns around to see Dr. Walker making again one of his well timed entrances.

Lee smiles and says, “Hi Uncle Leonard….I hope it was alright that I sh…sh… showed him Lucy and the others.”

Doctor Walker puts his hand on Lee’s shoulder and says with a smile and a raised lilting voice, “It’s ok with me!”

As the two share smiles, Dr Walker concludes with a little laugh under his breath, clears his throat and looks over to the red tulip setting on top of one of the empty cages.Dr. Walker steps closer to Lee and says as if asking for a favor, “Would you go and put Brent him back in the cage with the other tulips. Make sure you put him in a separate cage. He seems to be going through this biting stage.”

Lee agrees and off he goes with the motionless tulip in his hand. Dr. Walker watches Lee until he has completely left the room out of his sight. He turns to Jullian and takes a few steps toward him as he holds his index finger up and says promisingly, “He’s a good fellow. He’s a little slow…but believe me; you’re not going to find a harder worker than him…that …I guarantee.”

After a few seconds of silence, Dr. Walker starts to look at his clip board and wags his head and speaks without looking up, “Lee’s the only thing my brother did right. My brother…God help him.”

After a few seconds of silence, Dr. Walker finishes writing, looks up and says, “Oh yes! Your question…red monkeys…0ur Sleeping Charlie’s?”

“Before you tell me that, tell me about …Brent? You know… Brent…the hungry red tulip,” acclimatizes Jullian despite the serious look on his face.

“Oh yes, ha-ha,” as Dr.Walker laughs to himself almost silently. “That’s quite a story.”

Growing a little impatient Jullian responds, “Where did he come form? Are all flowers so…active? I mean…I only remember flowers or plants in my day as something stationary, not something running around the house like a cat or a dog. Have things changed that much?” a perplexed Jullian utters worriedly, feeling continuously and hopelessly antiquated.

Oh my no! Not at all! Brent is unique,” boldly proclaims the good doctor.“Like the red monkeys?” askS Jullian.

“Like the red monkeys,” answers Dr. Walker. “They come from an area in Africa where many outsiders are not allowed in.”

Jullian takes a hearty look again at the cages and says without turning around, “Are you sure they didn’t come from Neverland?”

Dr. Walker is dumbfounded by the word ‘Neverland’ as Jullian says to himself, “Never mind.”

Dr. Walker shrugs it off and continues his discussion with a sense of pride, “About Brent…you see that area in the continent is all dominated by red species of creatures. Take for instances, flowers…the red ones are the sturdiest and most dominate. Especially is this true with the red tulips of the area. With a little help… ha-ha… and some brilliant gene splicing techniques… I created Brent.”Dr. Walker continues to be pleased with himself as he moves closer to Jullian, puts his arm on his shoulder like a close friend and says, “The key to my success in creating Brent has been, believe it or not, has been those Sleeping Charlies.”

“Sleeping Charlies?” questions Jullian.

Dr. Walker is a little annoyed by the question as if Jullian is a student in one of his classes that had not been paying attention. Yes… Those red monkeys over there!”

Jullian nods and finds himself feeling a little awkward by all of this as he smiles back and shrugs his shoulder in embarrassment. Dr. Walker pauses in thought, squints and starts to blink profusely as he continues looking at Jullian. He lifts his hand up and gestures to the ‘Sleeping Charlie’s’ and says, “Did you notice how soft their fur is and how they seem to emit a sweet odor?”

Jullian looks toward the cage, sniffs and says, “I hadn’t noticed the smell.”

“No…no,no!  You can’t smell it like that. You can only smell it if they sweat, urinate or fart on you, although sometimes if they droll on you, you can smell that!”

Jullian then remembers how Mawteemaw, the little monkey sneezed on him. He rubs his fingers over the damp area of his pants and raises his fingers to his nose and sniffs. “Hmmm… How odd? It smells something like raspberry and jasmine.”

Dr. Walker nods quickly, closes his little tiny eyes for just a second, takes a deep breath, pauses long and says postulating, “You know Jullian...these red monkeys…these Sleeping Charlies are no different than many kinds of animals and plants that we have learned about over time.”

Jullian assumes that he is supposed to ask why. Something he learned so well by being intellectually lead by Donavan himself in the past. So he decides to respond, “How so?”

“I remember years ago reading an old book called, How animals communicate with each other. It was truly fascinating. They recounted many experiences of animals marking their own territory with their own smells.When a zoo keeper would clean the cage…whoa! That… really made them mad!” replies Dr. Walker with a curious grin. “Could you imagine being inside a cage cleaning up and making a hungry lion mad at you?” as Dr. Walker snickers to himself before he continues.“So you see animals’ creating their own smell was more than saying, ‘this is my house, stay away.’ But it was also an invitation to any would be callers of the opposite gender.Now take the insects. They produce what’s called Pheromones that communicates a variety of messages. Ranging from finding food, sensing danger, and yes…even falling in love.”  Dr. Walker replies with a chuckle as his head motion betrays an impure thought that Jullian can only imagine.“Take for instances the male silkworm moth. They have 2 very elaborate antennas that look like tiny, delicate fern fronds. They are so sensitive that they can detect a single molecule of female sex pheromone. Give them just 200 molecules and they pack their bags and go looking for Mrs. Right.”

“Well, that’s very interesting Dr. Walker, but I don’t understand the connection between your red snapping tulip and the red monkeys?” States a puzzled and perplexed Jullian whose patience is starting to fade.

“Be patient,” he says with a loud whisper. The doctor walks over to a machine and takes a quick look and walks back to another monitor and fiddles with some more dials as he continues to watch very care these other machines. Jullian sees a nearby chair and sits down on it, sensing the good doctor is more long winded than he was originally thought.Dr. Walker raises his hand for that one moment as he moves back to Jullian clearly double checking the machines as he continues his explanation.“You see, insects communicate,” replies Dr. Walker as Jullian can only imagine what will be a beginning of great volubility about this or any subject that he seems to be an expert on.Dr. Walker moves closer to Jullian sitting in his chair, bends forward to within inches of his face as Jullian sits patiently in the chair; Dr. Walker puts his finger in Jullian’s face, so as to make a point and says in a low voice, “So do plants.”

He pulls his finger back from him, stands erect and takes a few steps backward and grabs a stool to sit down. He continues, “Years ago, they discovered in the Netherlands that lima bean plants communicate by chemicals. They found that when attacked by spider mites, they released an airborne chemical that is a call for help.Other mites respond to the chemical that dinner has arrived. As they appear, they find their dinner and devour the spider mites.  The same thing happens with corn, tobacco and cotton plants. So when they are invaded and are attacked by the caterpillars, those plants send out help for…wasp!” Dr. Walker pauses, sits back and says with a sense of reflection and awe to himself, “That’s interesting.”Jullian continues listening though not clear of the significance of all this information. Dr. Walker looks of his left to check on the ‘Sleeping Charlie’s’ and again turns back to Jullian and says, “The same thing is true with elephants, the wasp and the red monkeys.”

Jullian shakes his head back and forth and says, “I’m sorry…I don’t understand…I just don’t get it!”

Without missing a beat, Dr. Walker answers, “You see, high up in this mountainous region in Africa, these people who live in this village worship the red monkeys…our ‘Sleeping Charlie’s’.They believe they protect them from the demons that possess the Ocapians. We know them simply as elephants.You see, it may be because their village seems to lie in the path of one of their burial grounds or something else that possesses these big animals to stay nearby.You see, the natives…were constantly getting their village stampeded by these normally timid animals. The natives also too considered the land holy and refused to give way to these uninvited guests. A land that they believed to be sacred and given to them by their ancestors in their dreams.So they lived there under the constant threat and periodic stampedes from these elephants. Their dream prophets assured them to stay and have faith. In time their faith would reward them and they would understand.One day a young man name Jevon found this sleeping monkey inside a hollowed out tree stump while chasing a small forest animal.You see, the monkey was pregnant and he took the monkey home to his village as a pet. The natives took the appearance of the red monkey as a good omen and considered the monkey holy...a gift from the gods.Now…some of the old wise men and seers also too dreamed of these red monkeys arrival and were told to keep them safe and they would be blessed.The village accepted the red monkey and when the mother gave birth, people just seemed to love the little red sleeping monkey and her litter.But in time, the villages seemed to be mysteriously plagued by wasp. In general, the villagers were not bothered too much by their presence since they didn’t seem to be aggressive to humans.Then one day…it happened. The ground started to rumble and the sound of trees falling as some sort of perverse angry juggernaut was plowing through the bush to their direction. This caused general panic among the natives causing many to go scurrying into the jungle away from the rampaging monsters that were coming their way. The little red monkeys became frightened and started to pee all over the place in panic as some animals are prone to do when threatened. Their urine is very unique and special. Not only does it smell nice, like jasmine and raspberries, but it set those wasps in motion too.”Dr. Walker starts blinking profusely with his little black eyes, smiling ear to ear and shaking his head yes as he continues, “Those wasps just…took off after those elephants stinging them everywhere they could. Their mouth, eyes, inside their nose, ears. Everywhere and anywhere they could, they stung them.After that, whenever they came back and saw those wasp and what they were doing, they just took off like there was no tomorrow. Because, as you may or may not know, elephants are deathly afraid of bee’s more than any other animal in the forest. The wasps are in a real sense, just like the honey bee, but with a terrible stinger that can be used over and over again.After that incident, the village area seemed to have that afterglow smell for some time that seemed to attract those wasps. They became symbiotic with those Sleeping Charlie’s. The wasp stayed around the camp and protected the monkeys and their human masters. Those Ocapians or elephants never came around again.The natives, wasp and red monkeys all seemed to coexist together in peace. An old buddy of mine told me about them and how he thought I would be interested in leaning more about them. In time, we did a study on them in the wild and found out something else very special about their marvelous self defense system.”Dr. Walker smiles to himself in a self congratulating way and says, “You see…the Sleeping Charlies marvelous defense system works by putting their enemies to sleep. Well, not at first, but they get groggy and lost interest in them and walk away to… Ha-ha, take a siesta,” as Dr. Walker laughs to himself.

“When we discovered how their marvelous self defense system worked, we have been able to create a serum that protects us in our sleep from that Dreamon virus.We’ve been using primary the urine and it’s proved to be quite effective.”

Jullian turns to Dr. Walker and says with a certain amount of puzzlement, “Really? How can you be so sure? How do you know it really protects you from the Dreamons?”

Dr. Walker smiles, puts his hand on Jullian’s shoulder like a friend, looks down, nods and says with a sense of well being. “One night…they came to me.”

“Came to you?” asks Jullian in disbelief. “Why?”

To kill me! What do you think?” replies Dr. Walker cogently.

Jullian pauses for just a second and reflects on the material he read on the plane with Donavan and the videocasque machine at Rocky’s house. Dr. Walker was right…these Dreamons were killers. They were the deadly killing sleeping virus that they attempted to destroy before they arrived in this day. An apparent victory that was obviously not successful.

“Let me tell you how they kill and why…they are so deadly! The first time I encountered them was at first… a wonderful experience. They truly were beautiful creatures… angels of light, as it were.”Dr. Walker readjusts his hand on Jullian’s shoulder as he continues, “Those beautiful twin blonde girls came to me in a dream that I was having.You see, when I was a boy, I use to fish. I use to fish just off Hwy 90 near a little town called Mermantau here in Louisiana. I had this fishing spot just off the highway on this little bridge close to the train tracks. I use to sit on the little bridge and fish.This one particular day of fishing was an extraordinary day for me. I looked across the highway and saw just over a small oil derrick pumping away a beautiful sight. It was a glorious round rainbow. I had never seen anything like that before in my life. But let me tell you, it was not only unique but quite stunning. As it radiated with beauty, two voices behind me said to me at the same time, “Beautiful isn’t it.”I lifted up my head and turned around and saw these two beautiful blonde girls looking down at me and smiling. One of these ladies said again, “It’s…so beautiful.”I smiled and agreed with her as the other looked at me curiously and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was fishing. She looked puzzled and confused. I could tell she didn’t understand the concept.At any rate, after I explained to her about what fishing was, it made her very angry. She was not only angry about this, but mortified, that I told her that I enjoyed catching them…and…I really enjoyed eating them.”Dr. Walker releases the grip on his shoulder and drops his hand to his side as he says chillingly, “Then it happened.”

“What happened?” asks Jullian.

“A big fish came jumping out of the creek on shore and grabbed on my leg, like an angry pit bull and started to eat me! I screamed and hollered to the girls to help me get it off before I lost my leg completely.  But they did nothing, but watched.One of the girls nodded her head and got this evil look on her face and said to the other, ‘Now he knows how it feels.’”

Jullian responds as if playing the devils advocate, “A bad dream? A nightmare? Maybe that’s all it was.”

Dr. Walker drops his head and says with serious consternation, “I wish you were right… You see every night; I kept having the same dream. But it got worse and worse and it was a horror that kept intensifying each time I dreamed. I eventually had a mild heart attack and managed to survive.  Chase and I had been working on this vaccine for some time and had yet had the time to test it. But under the circumstances, we decided to let me be the guinea pig...well…it worked.”

“Worked? How did it work?” ask Jullian.

Dr. Walker smiled and said confidently, “Well… I had the dream again…only this time…I caught the fish instead of him catching me.” laughs the old southern doctor who enjoys a long drawn out laugh and concludes with a bit of a gloat.“Those twin blonde ladies approached me and gave me an evil look and walked away angry. They have never bothered me since.”

“Wow…so you’re cured?” concludes Jullian.

Dr. Walker grins, cocks his head slightly and looks up to the much taller man and says, “I wish. You see, the medicine only last for 21 days. The Vaccine takes 21 hours to incubate and is not ready for injection for at least another 21 days. So you see…We don’t have much to go around as of yet. Everybody here gets a shot.So you see… were safe here from the Dreamons as long as we have those red monkeys, and their precious…ah…shall we say…body fluids.”

Chapter 13
“Auh.” As Dr. Walker reaches into his lab coat pocket and looks at his beeper, smiles and says happily, “Looks like it’s time.”
He puts the beeper back in his pocket and turns to Lee and says, “Well good buddy, keep an eye on the Charlie’s. It’s time to see if this time we’ll be successful.”
As Dr. Leonard Walker starts to walk away, he stops, turns around and looks at Jullian. He stares at him with his big glasses and tiny black eyes and says with a snort and cackle, “You coming?”
Jullian is startled to be invited, yet intensely intrigued as he steps forward and says quickly, “Yes sir.”
Dr. Walker smiles and is about to say something, but then gestures for Jullian to follow him. As they enter through a couple of doors and climb a small stair way,  Dr. Walker says, “Lets go this way and check on Chase and the others.”
“Dr. Garcia told me he was sleeping. That he worked a double shift last night and is probably still asleep,” explains Jullian, trying to be helpful. 
Dr. Walker grins lightly and seems to chuckle to himself as he points his head up to Jullian with his head cocked at 45 degrees and says, “Of course he’s sleeping. After all, how can we Loop with him if he’s awake?” smirks the good doctor.
They enter a section of the house where Jullian had never been. Dr. Walker slows down his pace a bit which seems to be mostly because of his age rather than waiting for Jullian to keep up. They enter into a room showered with the southern plantation architecture that had been lefty behind by past caretakers and carefully converted into a laboratory.  As Jullian enters, he sees a metal cylinder with a glass covering top with a human body inside it. The longer he looked at it, the more he thought how it really looked like a coffin with a corpse in it on display as if in a museum. Next to the cylinder were 6 tall padded vinyl chairs along the wall that made Jullian first thought of how this reminded him of going to a beauty shop and picking up his wife as she sat under those old style hair driers from one of her old Aunt’s friend.The chairs were not ordinary chairs by no means. Not only were they quiet sturdy looking, but the chairs were equipped with wires and other assorted instrumental items that was attached to one another.Six of the chairs were filled with three, big, husky men all dressed in military gear and layered with an assortment of weapons. The three men were not only very big, but all looked alike. It was as if they found the ultimate soldier and cloned him three times.They all sat quietly with their eyes closed and appeared to be in a type of trance, He recognized that look. He remembered it as the same one he saw with his own grand son Garnet years ago, when he Looped inside his grandmothers dream at his house while he was suppose to be watching him.
“They’re in the Loop aren’t they?” states Jullian ominously.
Dr. Walker looks up at him as if to say ‘of course, you know that!’Dr. Garcia comes up to Dr. Leonard Walker and asks pugnaciously, “Is he supposed to be here?”
“I don’t see why not!” answers Dr. Walker succinctly.
Dr. Garcia moves closer to him and says, “I mean no disrespect but…”
“But nothing!” responds Dr.Walker with agitation in his voice. A couple seconds pass as he says with strained patience, “Dr. Garcia…I know you mean well but… you let me worry about that…”
A noise across the room draws Jullian’s eyes to two men standing in front of a computer with their backs to the wall. Jullian recognizes one of the men as Jamie Patterson, the tall black silent attendant that attended to them earlier.All he can see of the second man is that he has coal black hair, stylishly cut short with thick busy eyebrows. The man is in his 40’s, white and appears to be stocky.Dr. Garcia pulls Dr. Walker away from Jullian to the other side of the room and starts to whisper to him things that Jullian cannot hear. Jullian‘s eyes move to the man in the glass tube.The man is in his 40’s and also has dark hair. Jullian cannot see the man’s face completely, yet, there is something strangely familiar to him. He slowly moves to his right and a mirror inside the glass chamber comes into view. The mirror is angled in such a way that he may be able to see the face. As he maneuvers into position, he is shocked and almost drops to his knees.“Chase! My son. What are they doing to you?”
Suddenly Jamie and the man with the big bushy eyebrows jumps out of their chairs and proceed to block Jullian and prevent him from reaching Chase.“Please... don’t touch…your son is ok. He’s sleeping. The Loop is set to begin very soon,” says the man with the bushy eyebrows.The man with the bushy eyebrows smiles warmly and says apologetically, “Bad timing Mr. Sanders but, it’s an honor to me to meet you in person. My name is Vincent.”
As if deaf, Jamie doesn’t say a word, but gestures for them to return to your station. Dr. Vincent Vandevender acknowledges that and says, “You might be able to see better over there out of our way,” as Dr. Vincent points the other side of the room.
“But what about over there? Can I sit in on of those chairs? They look pretty comfortable,” replies Jullian innocently.
Vince smiles at him as if being toyed with while Jamie gives a look of scorn at Jullian and says almost too loudly, “No!”
Vincent is slightly embarrassed by the rashness of Jamie’s comment as he articulates in a soft patronizing voice, “What he means is that you don’t want to sit over there at all unless you’re prepared to enter into the Loop, like the Sinners. Those three soldiers over there are Jerome, Jeremiah and Jeremy Sinner. They are specialized in warfare and trained with unique special skills. If things work out, they are the first wave of our offensive battle in the dream war mission…but we’ll explain later.”
As Jullian returns to the corner, he sees Dr. Walker at another machine and hears him say with measured excitement, “They’re in!”
Jullian looks at Chase and sees the mirror reflection of Chase blinking rapidly with closed eyes. Chase is clearly dreaming.As Jullian looks closer to the three Sinner men, he sees they seem to be twitching and jerking at different intervals. Their movements once again remind him of young Garnet when he was in the Loop at his house so many years ago. Whatever is taking place in Chases mind is clearly something intense.Just then, Dr. Donnie Garcia and Donavan come into the room wearing a type of uniform and body gear similar to the Sinners. They stand erect, emotionless and gaze their eyes intently at Dr. Walker as if waiting for their cue.Doctor Walker nods to them as Dr. Garcia and Donavan walks over to chairs number four and five and proceed to sit down.Jamie and Vincent walks over to them and start attaching wire harness to their body and head. Dr. Garcia looks very serious as she carefully picks up her bag and puts it on her lap.As Jamie helps her with her head wire harness, Donavan looks toward Jullian, takes a deep breath and grins with delight to see his good friend Jullian as Vincent proceeds to hook up Donavan to the same equipment.The two close their eyes and lean back in the large beauty shop type chairs as Dr. Walker steps back, flips a switch and says, “Here goes!”
Suddenly Dr. Garcia and Donavan slip into the dream trance with the three solders next to them as all now are clearly in the Loop.Minutes pass as Dr. Vincent and Dr Walker confirm with each others readings that the transference has taken place smoothly and without a hitch.“How long will all this last?” asks Jullian.
Dr. Walker turns back to Jullian almost forgetting that he was there, walks over to Jullian and says, “Not long…dreams usually last….”
“Dr. Walker! I’m getting some different readings on the IMPA  machine. Could you verify please?” expounds an unusually excited Jamie.Doctor Walker squints very carefully at the machine, smiles and then sticks out his hand out to congratulate Dr. Vincent Vandevender and Jamie Patterson and says euphorically.
“I think it finally worked.”Dr. Walker, Vandevender and others continue to respond ecstatically as the sounds of congratulations continue to reach their crescendo.
Dr. Vandevender approaches Jullian and says, “I hope this isn’t too awkward for you Mr. Sanders, but it’s just been so difficult in the past with so many failures. When success finally comes, it’s just… So sweet… I just wish Chase was here with us in the waking world and could share this with us. But I guess… that was never going to be possible any way.”
Jullian nods and says in exasperation of how overwhelming all of this has been and how little he understands it.
Dr. Vincent Vandevender takes a moment to visibly ponder Jullian’s statements and says, “Maybe if I explained to you something about sleep, you would understand more about all of this and why this is such an accomplishment for us.”
Jullian nods ok and says, “Sounds good, explain away…”
Dr. Vandevender smiles and says, “A normal night’s sleep can be divided into two types. One is REM sleep and the other is non REM.”
“REM? What’s that? Is that like… snoring real loud?” asks Jullian somewhat dumbfounded, yet hoping not to sound like a complete idiot.
Dr.Vincent smiles and says, “No…not at all. REM stands for Rapid eye movement. When one starts to dream, the eye balls start to move under the closed eyelids when dreaming occurs. When you sleep and don’t dream it’s called non REM. That type of sleep can be divided into four different stages. Suppose you lie down and close your eyes. You begin to enter into what we call stage one.  You become drowsy and enter into what we call shallow sleep. During this stage your muscles relax and your brain waves are irregular and rapid. When it first occurs, it will usually last anywhere from 30 seconds to as long as 7 minutes.”
“Really? Stage one…hmmm,” repeats Jullian.
“That’s right!” replies Dr. Vandevender with a smile as he takes a quick glance at one of the machines and continues.“The second stage is what we call true sleep. That’s where you will usually spend 20 percent of the night. Our machines that measure brain waves show the brain exhibiting larger waves. What may be happening is that the mind is dealing with stray thoughts, fragmented images and the like. During this time you are completely unaware of your surroundings and would not even be able to see even if ever your eyes were suddenly opened.The next stages of sleep are the deepest. These are stages three and four. In short, it’s what we call Delta sleep.The machine shows the sleeper as having large, slow waves. This is a very critical stage. It’s now at this point your body is very hard to wake up. You see what’s happening is that most of your blood is being directed to your muscles where your body is going into a repair mode cycle. It’s also the time when the young body will start to grow. This occurs about 50% of the night. In fact, if this doesn’t take place and one does not experience the Delta wave stages, he will likely feel fatigued, apathetic or even depressed the next day.”
“But the dreaming… Where does the dreaming fit in?” asks Jullian.
“Well… after each cycle is completed, the dreaming stages begin. You will most of the time start dreaming every 90 minutes. When this takes place, an amazing thing happens,” says Dr. Vincent with a look of wonderment.“More blood is directed to your brain than at any other time. Your brain waves are now almost the same as if you are awake. But what is amazing about this is with so much blood being directed away from you muscles, your mind cannot take you for a walk and allow you to act on what you are dreaming about.Could you imagine if that wasn’t the case? One would have to be tired up in bed each night so one would not hurt oneself,” explains Dr. Vandevender.
“But what about the sleep walkers? How do they fit in?” asks Jullian.
Dr. Vandevender smiles and says, “Let me answer that for you at another time. Let me finish with this thought first.The longer your dream cycles last during the night, the more time your brain  has time to sort through memory storage, delete files and keep what it  thinks is important.Insomniacs for instance spend much less time in REM and suffer more emotional and other problems than the rest of us. So you see, if sleep dreaming is interrupted and you never achieve the deep Delta sleep, you will not only suffer a shorten attention span but also memory and vocabulary losses. The ability to think analytically will eventually result in what we would call diminished creativity.You probably noticed that we tend to keep the rooms a little colder? That’s for our sleeper’s primarily. You see one has a tendency to become drowsy and sleep better when it’s colder.” concludes Dr. Vincent Vandevender


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(2nd Book In series; following Jullian's Dream Phone)
A man who falls asleep awakens and emerges from a cocoon 22 years later only to find out that not only did he not age, but the sleeping virus scourge of 21 years ago that he thought he was victorious in stopping has begun and is killing thousands of people worldwide every hour in their sleep. While Jullian is disappointed with this, he again finds himself in the unique position of being mankind’s only hope from not only the Dreamons, but also must face the dreaded Imago factor. Jullian and his grown older children also must face religious enemies from the waking world. Yet, somehow, red monkeys, red wasp, along with special abilities offer a unique hope. Jullian’s past associates emerge and ultimately play an important role. A fast moving, touching and adventurous tale that offers its own share of surprises, villains, heroes and more…

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