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cleaners and preps for vinyl, leather, plastic products
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LEATHER PREPLEATHER PREPLeather prep is a product that has been designed to chemically etch the leather prior to sealing or coating. Leather Prep is a blend of solvent agents that does not dry out or overly stress out the skin but encourage the pores to open for greater adhesion.
MOUTH ATOMIZER CLEANERSMOUTH ATOMIZER CLEANERSThese handy little wires with a type of cotton is inserted in to fluid chamber and pushed through. A must to have to keep your wind unobstructed and not having your eyeballs exploded unnecessarily.
SILICONE WASH CLEANER / PREPSILICONE WASH CLEANER / PREPSilicone Wash is a must have, GREAT cleaner to have on hand in your kit for leather and vinyl repair. This product is a safe vinyl and leather prep designed to remove silicone, wax and similar coatings without disturbing the substrate.
TRI GreenTRI GreenYou will NOT be disappointed with this cleaner! It is definitely one of the best cleaners around! Tri- Green is a heavy duty cleaner. It cleans grease, kool-aid, pet stains, blood, grass, shoe polish and much more. This water soluble cleaner is the best leather, vinyl and plastic prep. Excellent for prepping, stripping or wet sanding of leather.
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