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Classic Leather Water Based Dye for DODGE
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Classic Leather Waterbase dye: Water base colors designed for re-coloring OEM leather, vinyl & plastics that demand ease of application, long wear and high performance durability. You can pick your color by make and model of your car. Refer to our color chart to select your color choice.
DESCRIPTION: Pre-matched water base permanent colors ready for easy application.
FEATURES: Non-flammable. Quick Drying. Water-base. Water Clean up.
Excellent adhesion on leather, vinyl or plastic (*remember to first use Primers: Phase One or Amigo)
Dries in minutes. Handling of finished product within minutes of applying final coat.
Use low heat to speed up drying; like a hair drier.
Colors can be easily adjusted with tinting pigments or PM toners.
Performance is equivalent and often superior (ex. leather) to solvent base coatings.

APPLICATION: Clean area with a prep cleaner like Triclean or Leather Prep. Use a scrub brush, scotch brite pad or wet sand with sandpaper. Stir color, check color match by spraying a small amount and allow to dry. Spray medium coats of color, allow to dry between each coat. For added durability, add Forgiven Crosslinker to the color coat or topcoat clear.

Also, don't forget your topcoat. You can use either Shields Up or the Killer Shield Aerosol. Topcoats come in Matte, Satin, and High Gloss.

Other additives may include: Flat Ayd, Slip Ayd, Skinny Dip

***Please keep in mind that our products are originally intended for professional use and colors may not match exactly due to wear and age of automotive interior. All products are used at own risk.

Looking to dye your leather seats? Are you interested in just restoring and replenishing the current color? Or are you looking to make a color change? Either way, we can help you. We have put together these "pre-fab" kits to hope to make your purchasing experience a little easier. Please refer to our 'How To' tab for details instructions on dying and repairing your leather. Here is the link: http://www.docstotalpackage.net/how-to-repair-leather

Leather Dye Kits include the Prep, Primer, Premix Dye, and Topcoat you need for your project to restore the current color of your interior.
Leather Dye and Repair Kits include the Prep, Primer, Premix Dye, Topcoat, Palette Knife, and Leather Bee to complete your project.
Color Change Dye Kits include the Prep, Primer, Premix Dye, Topcoat, and Crosslinker you need for your project to complete a color changing process that will be strong and last.
** Kits do not include 2 Color Options; however you can add a secondary color in the size of your choice.
*To read more about what is included in these kits, please check out this link: FAQ page under the subheading: Leather Dye Ready-Go Kits.
Steering Wheel Kit: includes the Prep, Primer, Premix Dye, Topcoat and Crosslinker

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