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adhesive to glue things together for leather, vinyl and cloth repairing
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BULLSEYE - CLOTH / VELOUR REPAIR PRODUCTBULLSEYE - CLOTH / VELOUR REPAIR PRODUCTBullseye is cloth repair product that is an air dry product; it is water resistant. Bullseye is a strong adhesive used to fix holes in cloth seats, like cigarette burns. Just apply Bullseye, then add your velour fiber.
DEADEYE - CLOTH / VELOUR ADHESIVEDEADEYE - CLOTH / VELOUR ADHESIVEDeadeye is a velour, fabric adhesive that when dries is flexible and water resistant. It sprays on milky white but dries clear. Works well with HR Electrostatic gun. Spray Deadeye first, then flock with HR electrostatic gun for a perfect velour repair finish.
FLEX GEL CLEAR 1 OZFLEX GEL CLEAR 1 OZCLEAR 1 OZ. Flexible Power Gel is a cyanoacrylate adhesive that has a measure of flexibility. Excellent for sealing leather cuts in skin. Flexible Power gel can be used for vinyl, leather, dash, and door panel repairs.
HER MAJESTY SPREAD - CLOTH / VELOUR PRODUCTHER MAJESTY SPREAD - CLOTH / VELOUR PRODUCTHer Majesty Spread is an air dry product. Her Majesty Spread is water resistant. Her Majesty Spread is a cavity filler for holes or gaps in cloth seats. Her Majesty Spread will NOT sink in as far as Bullseye. Her Majesty Spread is like Bullseye but Her Majesty Spread is thicker and doesn't run. It is great for headliners to hold in velour.
KNOCK OUT - CLOTH / VELOUR REPAIR ADHESIVEKNOCK OUT - CLOTH / VELOUR REPAIR ADHESIVEKNOCKOUT is a velour, fabric adhesive that when dries is flexible and water resistant. Knockout is one of the best, strongest products on the market for velour repair.
POWER GEL --TUBEPOWER GEL --TUBECompares to Slo-Zap, thicker - allows work on vertical surface. Use kicker (such as Big Blast) to speed curing time closely fitting parts and "lacking" application. Because of its penetrating action, the Power Gel is excellent to strengthen weak, porous materials such as Balsa and cloth. The adhesive bonds all woods and veneers, plastics, metals, rubber, etc. Power Gel bonds oily surfaces.
SUPER GLUE ACCELERATOR-BIG BLAST AEROSOLSUPER GLUE ACCELERATOR-BIG BLAST AEROSOLImmediate cures all cyanocrylate. It expands gap-filling ability. It’s super because it cures it quick. can be applied with pump sray or aerosol (Preval) different sizes
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