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CBC FOR CLONE-ITCBC FOR CLONE-ITCBC is a barrier coat; it is a water base  that is applied on the grain pad to prevent the grain pad from sticking to the Clone-it (wet the grain impression). CBC can be used with the grain pad for other cold repair products as well, to keep the repair product from sticking to the grain pad while pressing the grain into the repair.
CLONE ITCLONE ITCLONE IT is easy and a very simple and consistent way of graining the repair. Spray 3 coats of Clone-it over the repair. On the third coat as the emulsion starts to harden, then spray the CBC release agent on the grain pad and press firmly, holding it for about 10 seconds. Then gently lift making sure the emulsion does not stick to the pad. If the emulsion is stringy or looking like pizza cheese, the simply repress and hold for another 5 seconds or so and gently peal back.
Copy Cat Grain/Texture FabricationCopy Cat Grain/Texture FabricationUse to create a grain. Use along with a grain pad. Aerosol.
LEATHER PRESS GRAIN L.P.G.LEATHER PRESS GRAIN    L.P.G.This product works just like Clone It, the difference is it has been formulated for leather adhesion and flexibility. It is solvent base and thus dries quickly. OK to use waterbase after application is dry.
THE ANSWER LEATHER SEALER (GEL)THE ANSWER LEATHER SEALER (GEL)Leather, plastic, vinyl, etc. Produces a finish with exceptional toughness, flexibility and abrasion resistance. Can be sanded w/600 grit sandpaper. Will not release from cracked or crease area. Allow to dry. Clean up with water. Also can be used over CA Repairs on leather to eliminate future spider cracks. Simply apply light coat, air dry with hair dryer and when product starts to harden press in grain. - Use as a spray on primer coat for better flex and adhesion.
W 2 SPRAY GRAIN TEXTUREW 2 SPRAY GRAIN TEXTUREA clear water borne urethane spray texture. For plastic, leather or vinyl. Produces a pebble effect - Exceptional toughness, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. Sandable.
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